Monday, July 12, 2010

Not a "Cricut" craft post, but still pretty crafty!

Any of you out there have little girls? Any of you have this problem?
Piles of hair bows, flowers, and bands? We had them downstairs on the coffee table, the sofa table, the island, upstairs in our bathroom, and on the Little Pickle Princess' dresser!
My fabulous friend Shannon has one of those fabric and ribbon covered message boards for her daughters hair accessories. She just clips them on all of the ribbons. Well, I have searched hi and low for one that would match Pickle's room, and have not found one yet. I know I can make one (I've seen tutorials out there), but I just haven't had the time to pick up everything needed to make it.
So, I decided to use what I had... (along with an over the door shoe holder that's already hanging in her room)
First, I cut wide ribbon a little longer then the length I wanted. Then, I cut 2 pieces of thin ribbon (for tying). I heated the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so that they would not fray.
Wrap the ribbon over top of  the hook at the top of the shoe organizer.
Use the thin piece of ribbon to tie a double knot under the hook, and around the wide ribbon. Repeat this step for each "hook" you want to use. Then attach flowers, and bows.
I know, I probably need about 10 more ribbons for all of Pickle's hair accessories! And yes, she is only 8 months old, and yes some of the flowers are REALLY big. I say the BIGGER the BETTER! :) She doesn't have a lot of hair, and for the most part they {the amazing flowers} keep people from asking if she's a boy or a girl?!
Here's what the back of the ribbons looks like, with the flowers and bows attached:
Now they are all in one place,not getting smashed/ruined, and much easier to find! I hope you are able to do a little craftin' or organization of some type today! Have a great Monday everyone!


Sue said...

Love your idea, but no little girls only four little boys.

CraftyGirl said...

This is a fabulous idea!! Keeping those bows organized is soooo hard!! This should help!!
Barb :)