Monday, August 1, 2011

Pop, Pop, Pop!

Every year on "Meet your teacher" day I make these popcorn balls for my new students. And I tie a note onto them that says, "Welcome to ___ grade! We're going to have a BALL! Love, Mrs. Luccketta"

Well, since I'm starting this new business and staying home with Little Stinkerbella I had to come up with another reason to make these! They are delish and I ask myself, "Why do I only make them once a year????"

Here's what you will need:
*3 bags of microwavable popcorn (I use light butter, you'll see why next)
*1 1/2 sticks of butter ;)
*1 Tbsp vanilla
*3/4 c brown sugar
*1 bag of mini marshmallows
The steps:
1. Pop the popcorn and place in a LARGE bowl. (I got my bowl at a 99 cent store years ago) Make sure you sift through the popcorn and get all the hard kernels out.
2. On Low, slowly melt the butter in a medium size pot. (While butter is melting I get the baggies ready by folding over the sides. By doing this the zipper parts do not get all sticky!)
3. Once butter is melted turn up the heat to medium and add the marshmallows. Fold the marshmallows through the melted butter.
4. Once the marshmallows are melted add the brown sugar and fold until incorporated. Turn off the heat and stir in the vanilla.
5. Pour over popcorn and mix well.
6. Spray cooking spray onto one hand. Form a ball and place into baggies. Then seal the baggies and let the extra air out.
And if there is a little piece left over, the rule is you HAVE to eat it! I promise it's in the Popcorn Ball recipe book! ;)

I decided to make these for our woman's small group at church.

I made up this little saying on my computer and then printed them onto card stock. Then I used an SU punch to punch them out, and another punch for the ribbon hole.
Lastly, you need to find a Little Stinkerbella to so kindly help you with the ribbon!
I added the tags using ribbon.
 If I could I would give one of these to each of you! ;) I truly believe that you have all "popped" into my life for a reason, and I have to say I just {love} all of your wonderful comments! <3Kristy


Bunnyfreak said...

What a great little gift.

Lynda said...

I love this idea! I might just have to "borrow' it to welcome my first graders back in couple of weeks!! Thanks for sharing!


~Heidi said...

Super sweet idea! Sounds pretty easy too which means an A+ in my book. Thanks for sharing!

HappyPlaceJen said...

Wow! This is such a great post, Kristy! Not sure if I've told you this in a comment before, but I just love how your personality bursts through your post-writing! And the pics of your "Stinkerbella" are a riot!! I wish I could have one of these awesome popcorn ball creations! :)

Shelley said...

These are so awesome!! Love it! Gonna have to try making some of these! Mmmm! Thanks for sharing it! And you know, I have the lil stinkerbella to help with the ribbon for sure!! ;) Everytime I get my ribbon out in crafting, she ALWAYS has to have a piece! :)


Anita said...

I love it---thanks for always being so inspiring.
Hugs, Anita

Cheryl Gaffney said...

Such a great little treat. Thanks for the recipe and for "popping" into my life... it's been a pleasure! :)

hugs, Cheryl @

JoAnn said...

These are so cute and sound yummy. The sentiment is very nice.

Nadia's Beautiful Mess said...

These look yummy! Great idea. Love the pics of little stinkerbella helping out!!!

janner said...

I love popcorn. What a yummy treat!What a wonderful idea for the kids. Who doesn't like popcorn.Thanks for sharing.

Staying Crafty said...

Awesome project! I love cute little food gifts :)

Crafty Girls said...

I wanna be in your church group! :)

Janeen said...

Great idea for teachers, love the saying too! I can see making them at Halloween for a special treat! Thanks for the inspiration!