Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Stinkerbella Flower Girl

As you have seen/read lately on my blog, one of my fabulous and crafty friends just got married, and she wanted Little Stinkerbella to be the flower girl! We found this dress around Easter time and I thought it would be perfect, we just needed to add a little something! Here it is before:
The back:

And you remember these that I "fabbed" up for the adoption day?!

Her major wedding color was a Tiffany type blue, it was JUST gorgeous! So I added a large ribbon sash onto Stinker's dress (I am NOT a sewer, but I want to be!) I was quite proud of my self!

I used the same ribbon, some tulle, and scrapbooking pearls to make Stinker a flower clip for her hair. I also made the bride one that she could take on her honeymoon :)
 I cut 3 different sizes of wonky circles, burned the edges of the circles to keep them from fraying. I also cut 2 tulle circles for the layers.

 I did the same thing to a little piece of the same color of ribbon, this piece will help to attach the flower to the clip.
 I took another piece of the smaller ribbon and glued it onto the back of the clip.
 Glue all the pieces together using a hot glue gun and here you have a rather fancy flower:
 Here a just a few pics of the beautiful wedding/day:

 Those shoes were STILL too big, she lost one along the way. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't just take them off of her and let her walk down barefoot! It was a total Cinderella moment and she didn't know what to do, but just plop down in the MIDDLE of the aisle and try to put it back on herself?! Here she is with one shoe on...

 Congrats to the BEAUTIFUL Bride! She is not only gorgeous on the outside, but the inside too! I'm just so blessed to call her my friend!!!
 The family!
 Yum! As you can see everything was beautiful!
 Do you see some Cricut work on this table? :)

 Would you believe me if I told you that we COULD NOT get Little Stinkerbella off the dance floor?! Well, believe it!
 She danced with EVERYONE until almost 11pm! I'm not kidding! Look at that smile!
 Her mommy and friends did TOO! Seriously, it was AMAZING! I just {love} this pic and these ladies!

<3 Kristy


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wonderful litte dress the colors were perfect she looked just beautiful in it.The photos are adorable with her walking down the isle... love all the photos of the wedding. Thanks for sharing this special moment!

Christianna Schork said...

The most perfect flower girl in the world with the craftiest mommy :) I cannot thank you enough for all of your help to put this wedding together! I love that she had a "cinderella" moment!