Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stationary set using Storybook cartridge

OK, so I totally cased this project from Angie Kennedy Juda (I just LOVE her ideas!). I changed it up a little by using my handy dandy Cricut and the Storybook cartridge (instead of using stamps).
 Here is her video for the Card Portfolio, and here is her video for the Monogram Notecards. I did use the Stampin' Up scallop punch, and 1 3/8" circle punch. I cut the monogram out using Storybook (basic font) at 1 1/4". There are two scallops on the cover. One is with the Stampin' Up scallop punch, and the other is the Storybook letter "I" FLOWER using shadow/shift cut at 2". These make fantastic gifts!
Shout out time...
*The 1st one was made for my friend Krista for her birthday! Happy bday to you, Krista!
*The 3rd one was made for my Room Mom this year, who has also become a dear friend! She watched my Little Pickle (my baby girl) every Wednesday, and even some Thursday mornings while I was working and teaching her big girl! Jamie, I can not say "THANK YOU," enough! You are amazing!
*The 2nd one I made for Jamie's Mom. She was out here visiting, and helped take care of the cute Little Pickle on a Wednesday. I had given Jamie hers and her Mom just LOVED it some much, that I made her one also--to say "Thanks for lovin' on my baby!" :)

I would LOVE to see how any of you out there would "change" these up and make them your own! If you make one please leave a comment with your blog info so that I can hop over and check it out! Let the paper scraps fly....


The Paper Princess said...

Ohhh this is a great idea! And I love the greens and browns together!
P.S. I just wanted to let you know that you are an A+ speller (since you spell the name Kristy with a "K" and a "Y" - me too!) :-)

Cricut in Kansas said...

What a great gift idea! I will definitely steal it.
P.S. Just because cards is on my wish list. :)