Monday, August 2, 2010

The Blog Candy WINNER is...

I have to admit that I have "posted" a comment and tried to win blog candy TONS of times. Well, one day I'm going to win BIG. That day just hasn't come around yet, but I'm sure it will! I can just see the day when I see my name under that title: The Blog Candy Winner is...! Well, I thought about how each of you would feel to win a little something (I know this is just homemade blog candy, but it still feels good to win, right?!) So, without further a do The Blog Candy WINNER is WINNERS are:  (ALL of you that left me lovely comments!)
*Rhonda E.
*Nadia P.
*The Canters
*Erin B.
*IRW Dana
*Charlotte C.
Please email me HERE 
with the following info:
1. Your name and address
2. Your initial that you would like your prize personalized with.

I may not have enough papers to make them exactly the same as the pictures, but I will stay in the same color family. Also, please give me a little time to get all "14" of these together. 
I may be off the map for a couple of days, the Social Worker is finally coming one night this week to finalize the home study for our Little Pickle Princess!!!! I REALLY need to finish some projects around the house before she gets here! :)
I {heart} my followers and ALL their sweet comments! Thanks EVERYONE!



Nicole said...

Are you serious?? How super nice and SWEET of you!!!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Kristi that is AWESOME! I can't get over you doing this! YOU ARE A VERY GENEROUS PERSON!

scrappinmomma said...

Thank you so much, That is so sweet of you.

The Canters said...

Thanks! I love being a winner!!!
And it will be worth the wait!

If you have time you should make some "blog candy" for the social worker. She will love you either way but every little bit helps. :)
Congrats on having another step finished!

sucor said...

Wow! Thank you for being so generous and gifting ALL 14 of us!

Debbie said...

wow this is awesome you are doing this for all of us, I just can't email you this way it won't go thur for me can you email me at thanks so much I hope I am able to get this info to you :)

paperscissors said...

i could not email you this way so i went to the cricut message board profile and sent an email by clicking on the email there. if you do not receive my email, pls contact me at paperscissors at live dot ca. thank you and congrats to everyone!!!