Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Party pics

My sister had us over for Easter dinner (the night before), and I just HAD to take a couple of pictures and share them with all of you! She is the party planner extraordinaire [LOVE you Christie!]! Here's a little something she just "whipped up" for the kids:
So stinkin' cute, and Stinkerbella {LOVED} them! My niece was also busy! She made the cutest and delicious cake pops!

I NEED to make some of these soon! Hope you all had a fabulous time with family and friends!
<3 Kristy
p.s. Please join me this weekend for a Grad Bash Blog Hop!


Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Girl, you sure have been creating some wonderful projects and these Easter goodies look awesome! How fun!!!
So congrats on the court date! Yay! I remember Scotti's was around his 1st birthday and it was indeed a special day..I have not yet scrapped it but have the photo and also the photo of my youngest sister at the same court house on her adoption date! How cute will that be to scrap! And to continue on the happy girlfriend less then 2 weeks ago just got a one month old baby girl! So here here is to a smooth process for them!!!!

Have a good one Kristy!!!!

Oh and also...your getting a new E! NICE! Hope you totally love the machine (you will!)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow look at that beautiful table. Love - Love - Love the little cake pops, what a wonderful idea for children! TFS

Lillian Child said...

I want to hire your sister!!! How creative. I adore making cake balls too and my family loves them!

Sammye Jo said...

I love cake pops!!! They look great!!